Worse than we were told: enablers of chaos

The news of the New Year's Eve assaults on women in Germany grows worse. Now it's coming to light that similar assaults took place in other German cities, and we can only guess that there might still be unreported incidents.

Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg, and Düsseldorf also saw such incidents on New Year's Eve, according to reports. It seems that initially the reports spread via social media while the established 'lying media' refrained from publishing reports -- until they could not continue to ignore them, as the stories leaked out.

So the German government is more complicit and bears even more guilt in these incidents than it appeared at first. They invited these 'refugees' of unknown origin into the country, recklessly disregarding the lives and safety of the country's citizens, and now, having seen countless incidents (rioting, fighting amongst the rival groups of immigrants, looting, thieving) showing the character of many of the 'poor refugees', they continue to openly side with these lawless interlopers and to shield them even from unflattering words. Much of Western Europe has passed laws protecting certain groups of people from criticism or ''hate speech'', so this surely emboldens the troublemakers. They are at least shrewd enough to see that they are being shielded and enabled by the weakling ''leadership'' in Germany and much of Europe, and like children who are not allowed to be disciplined or punished, they are challenging the limits, and finding that there is no one to stop them from acting out their basest urges. 

Political Correctness and its practitioners have created this monster. If bad behavior is protected and the people who behave lawlessly are not subject to any outside control or check, more bad behavior and violence and chaos is absolutely to be expected.

And the ''leaders'' know this. They seem to be using these ''Middle Eastern Marielitos'' as a scourge against their own countrymen, their own kinsmen. Is this not unnatural and deplorable?

I think of all the silly people, often women, of my acquaintance who are full of misguided and ostentatious ''compassion'' for the poor suffering ''refugees'', and how hard-hearted these same people are towards their own folk. They will shut their eyes and ears and harden their hearts toward the human beings of their own people who are the victims of these rampaging 'refugees.' This is a perverse -- and perverted -- form of compassion; our sympathies should not be extended toward those who are hostile and violent and destructive, and yet that is precisely where the xenophiliac Left directs 100 percent of their twisted ''sympathies." This ought to be shamed out of them -- except that they are not capable of feeling shame.

Each and every individual I know, or that you know, that has supported and voted for politicians who push mass immigration and the de facto ethnic cleansing that goes with it is to blame for what is happening. All these nice liberal 'progressive' ladies who are so proud of their soft heart for the ''wretched of the Earth" are just as much to blame for the carnage that has happened and that will happen as a result of their mindless and warped desire to 'save the World' at the expense of their own folk.

I think that this should be brought home to these people, these enablers of violence and chaos. They should be aware that the Paris attacks, the New Year's Eve sexual assaults, the Swedish child whose throat was cut by a ''refugee'', all of it, is the fruits of their misguided and ignorant labors to 'save the world' and create a One World Global Village. They bear their share of the blame. They have no excuse.

It is unfortunate that innocent people have to suffer, and that ultimately Europe may be conquered through the 'do-gooding' of these addled 'liberals.'

They are the useful idiots who enable the Plan.

But the 'leaders' know what they are doing. They are engaging in biowarfare against their own people. And they know it. Perhaps they imagine that they are sowing chaos so as to create their One-World 'utopia' from the ruins of the world we know; they delude themselves that it's a good thing in the larger scheme of things. Their people, of whose lives and safety they are so careless, are just 'collateral damage', as the phrase has it.

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