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Every so often over the past ten years or so, the politicians in Western countries come out and make these forked-tongued speeches about multiculturalism. Five years ago various Western heads-of-state got up on their hind legs and said things like ''multiculturalism is a failure'' or ''multiculturalism isn't working." So some people on our side, ethnonationalists and ethnopatriots cheered, thinking that the likes of Dave Cameron and Angela Merkel had seen the light when they made these almost identical statements.

But just as with a contract, the fine print is what gets you. On the surface it may look good but if you just skim through it you may miss some important clause. That's what happened with the majority of citizens in the Western countries; they heard what they wanted to hear from these politicians, and fell for the deception. These leaders said that multiculti was a failure, and that statement is true. Multiculturalism is a bad idea;  it is now and it was then, and it always will be. True as far as it goes. But what Merkel, Cameron, and the Canadian and Australian prime ministers said was that it was a failure but that what was needed to 'fix' it was integration and assimilation. We must just insist that the immigrants stop forming enclaves and speaking their native languages, and insist that they speak the language of the country and start behaving like the native people of the host countries, socially mixing with them, blending in, becoming part of the people.

That was what Merkel and Dave Cameron and all the rest prescribed. More blending. No 'segregation' in living arrangements or education or social life. Freedom of association must not lead to 'segregation' and separation because separation is bad. Jim Crow was evil, according to the popular 'wisdom' because it was separation. Separation=inequality and discrimination. That must not be allowed. It must be banned.

But let's revisit those troubling stories of the New Year's Eve molest-fests in Germany (and now, apparently in Austria, Finland, Switzerland and other countries). Information has come to light that these mob attacks on women and girls were coordinated and planned. This was what I believed; it couldn't just be coincidence that these things happened on a wide scale, and that there were mobs of young mohammedans who just happened to be milling around these places where the assaults took place. Obviously ''social media'' had some hand in coordinating these events and planning them.

"Germany has been shocked at the exposure of the massive criminal nature of the nonwhite “refugee” invasion, with police making dozens of arrests, recovering stolen cell phones in invader centers, and seizing numerous Arabic-German translation guides prepared especially for use in lewd interactions with German women.
In addition, the Bild reported that many of the arrested nonwhite invaders had cell phones with videos of their mass sex attacks on white women, showing in shocking detail the group nature of the events. The police found 350 hours of video material..."

So these things were not just opportunistic, random occurrences.

Is there no surveillance of Arabic language social media, or do the authorities, so fond of monitoring all communications and cracking down on 'hate speech' towards the poor persecuted moslems, let this kind of thing go unchecked.

Even the Freepers, on this discussion thread, ask whether the powers-that-be want this kind of thing to happen, and purposely allow it:

"The Euro governments knew these were sexual predators. They knew they were mostly male. Then they tried covering up the attacks. Only one logical explanation fits. They want their women raped. Why ? To produce children ?
45 posted on Friday, January 08, 2016 10:00:01 PM by justa-hairyape

Well, as I've repeatedly said, 'elites' like Nicolas Sarkozy, the non-French former leader of France, said that 'mixing' was just what was called for. and not only called for, but imperative.
And remember that odious French doctor I quoted in a recent post who made extremist statements about how 'right-wing Frenchwomen' should be raped by immigrants and nonwhites and should be made to bear mixed children as a result of the rapes? 
Why, by the way, is he not being prosecuted under France's draconian 'incitement to hatred' laws, under which they prosecuted people like Marine Le Pen, and even Brigitte Bardot, for their 'right-wing' statements? Oh yes, leftists are immune to such charges, as are nonwhites and non-Christians. Those groups are not capable of committing 'hate crimes'.

But as for integration and 'assimilation', many ''conservatives'' who don't bother to think things through also believe that we need to 'assimilate' all the immigrants, and then all will be right. They will blend into our society (and into our gene pool, of course) with scarcely a ripple, and then maybe we will all be more 'vibrant' and enriched, and we'll all have nice tanned skin and not be pasty-white anymore, and our children might be bilingual, and won't that be nice?

But assimilation means merging together so that the end product will be something utterly different and mostly unrecognizable, especially given the genetic distances between us and the New Year's Eve 'forcible assimilators'.  Is that what a 'conservative' wants? A conservative should want to keep and guard what is good and natural and true -- and ours, not to casually agree to wholesale change -- against our wills.

Remember how ''integration'' came to this country? At the barrel of a gun. I am old enough to remember the front-page pictures in the newspapers of the troops in Little Rock: armed soldiers or guardsmen with guns, alongside grade-school children who looked on in bewilderment. But the parents were angry, because they knew how this would all go. They knew that 'integration' means blending together.

According to the Oxford Online Dictionary, synonyms for 'integrate' include:

"combine, amalgamate, merge, unite, join, fuse, blend, mingle, coalesce, consolidate, meld, intermingle, mix, intermix, incorporate, affiliate, unify, assimilate, homogenize, harmonize, mesh, desegregate literary commingle"
That's what our older generations in the South took the word to mean. Fuse. Blend. Meld. etc. They knew that social contact, especially starting in early childhood, would break down all natural divisions and lead to socializing, and to intimacy, ultimately.

And that's what the New Year's Eve gang-gropes and mob rapes were about. Mohammedans talk about the 'jihad of the womb' but usually in the context of their women having many more children than Western White women. But at its core it's all about social mixing on the intimate level. That's what all the talk of 'assimilating' and integrating means, when you get to the heart of it. So perhaps the New Year's Eve ''rapist-revelers''  were just trying to follow the edict of Sarkozy and the prescription of Frau Merkel for more ''integration and assimilation."

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