Shrinking freedoms

Further to my previous post, in which I alluded to our shrinking 'freedom of expression'' when it comes to certain protected groups, there are these two stories which illustrate my point.

First, Twitter is tightening controls on 'free speech'.

"The social media site, Twitter, has implemented new policies to stem free speech.

In typical fashion the far-left is shrouding censorship in the ambiguous ruse of controlling 'hate speech.'

Hate speech, of course, can be anything.

Given the predatory left's propensity for mendacity — leftist loon Bernie Sanders blames global warming for Islamic terrorism — we can expect the predatory left's use of 'hate speech' to censor any concept it can shroud in the pretext of hate."

This just follows the already-established pattern set by other social media; Facebook, for example. It's exactly why I have avoided Twitter. Of course there is no absolute free speech anywhere, but it's getting to the point that we all have to walk a tightrope to avoid offending against the gods of Political Correctness.

 Another article illustrates the situation wherein Islam is not to be criticized lest we face some kind of legal penalties. Audrey Russo writes on Liberty GB:

"First: Following the slaughter of 14 innocent Americans by devout Muslim Jihadists in San Bernardino, California, the U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch made a promise to a Muslim audience, that she would prosecute those she deemed as using "anti-Muslim" language that "edges toward violence". She even urged parents of Muslim children to report any "anti-Muslim bullies" to the Justice Department and the Department of Education."

Could any of us ever envisioned this state of affairs in America, especially after 9/11/2001? I think we would all have been dumbfounded if someone had looked into the future and told us what was to come. It was literally unthinkable for most of us. Yet this is the state of things in 2016.

If I seem to have lost some of the stubborn optimism for this country and for our folk that I used to have, it's not hard to understand.

For myself, it's my religious faith that sustains me; my faith in my fellow Americans is not as strong as it once was, I am sorry to say. Yet I keep hoping that some of the old stubborn pioneer spirit will show itself. But to those that rule over us, that old spirit is exactly what they have worked so very hard to extirpate. They have tried (with some success, sadly) to make us a passive, enervated, bloodless people who are easily distracted and easily manipulated.

I've said that this 'Edifice of Lies' is hard to maintain, because it goes against human nature. We will soon see if human nature is stronger than external forces.

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