"Preposterous'' said the New York Times

It's interesting to look back at a review of Jean Raspail's Camp of the Saints, dated 1975, the year the American edition of the book was released. Some of the responses to the book from that year, from the ''respectable'' old media:

"Preposterous", snapped the New York Times. "Looney," screamed the International Herald Tribune. "Trash" brayed Time Magazine."

 We can see how lacking in prescience these 'intellectual leaders' were. They are still in denial, lo, these many years later, even as Raspail's fictional scenario is playing out in real time, before our eyes.

Reality is 'preposterous' and 'looney' if you live in a self-created dream world in which there are no marauding invaders, raping and looting across Europe, but only the poor 'wretched of the earth, madonna-like mothers with doe-eyed children. Better to pretend that is the nature of the ''refugees", rather than to admit that they are in fact mostly aggressive, angry young men emboldened by the weakness they encounter in Europe.

In this review, Nick Camerota quotes black militant Communist writer Frantz Fanon, who wrote at the time of the release of Raspail's book that the overthrow of the Western world "will be carried out with the indispensable help of the European peoples" who have also decided that the White man should be stamped out." Sadly he was correct on that point. We are watching it happen now.

Camerota comments ''And at cocktail parties throughout the Western world sensitive intellectuals shivered with delight at the prospect of being humiliated -- or better yet, savagely punished -- for their "racism." Sartre, after all, had noted that 'even our worthiest souls contain racial prejudice.' Masochism and self-hatred are now very much in style for Westerners."

Click on the article to enlarge it to a readable size. It's an interesting read.

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