Polish government to curb Marxist media?

We'll see if this new measure passes, but kudos to the Polish government, which has enacted a new law meant to curb the malign influence of the media in Poland. The law still has to be signed by the Polish president in order to take effect.

In an interview, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski said of the privately-owned Polish media:

“The previous government carried out a leftist program [in the public media],” Minister Waszczykowski said.
“It was as if the world was set up according to a Marxist model which has to automatically develop in one direction only—a new mixture of cultures and races, a world made up of cyclists and vegetarians, who only use renewable energy and fight all forms of religion...”
[Emphasis mine.]
Sound familiar? It seems that in all Western countries, or should I say former White countries, the media are all working off the same script. Even the most obtuse people who scoff at the idea of an overarching 'conspiracy' should be able to see that it can't be just coincidence that the same plan is being forced on all Western countries, with the major media being nothing more than propaganda agents for the Cultural Marxist regimes in place everywhere in the West.

Further, he says

These policies have nothing to do with traditional Polish values,” he continued, identifying those values as “traditions, awareness of history, patriotism, faith in God, in a normal family life between husband and wife.”

And these values were common to all of former Christendom up until the late 20th century, when suddenly a social and cultural revolution rolled across all Western countries in sequence. Some are farther gone now than others, and it seems as if the Eastern European countries have been less poisoned than the Western European and Anglosphere countries. The reasons for this seem somewhat complex, but whatever the reason it may be that the former Eastern bloc countries have a degree of immunity from the Cultural Marxist toxins that the Western countries in general lack.

All the new law was aimed at, Minister Waszczykowski said, was enabling the government to “heal our country of these diseases [which were promoted earlier], so that it can again recover.

He uses the disease metaphor to describe the enforced changes being inflicted on former Christendom, and he speaks of the possibility of 'healing' and 'recovery.' I've said that what is needed is something like the 'deprogramming' treatment given to those who are rescued from cults. Cultural Marxism is a de facto cult, a pseudo-religious belief system which shows its nature in its venomous opposition to Christianity. Rather than being opposed to ''all forms of religion'' as the Polish foreign minister says, the left is specifically opposed to Christianity, while it says not a word in criticism of Islam, oddly. Only Christianity is not tolerated, and is in fact under constant attack by the left. Christianity is a competing belief system; one can't be a Biblically-sound Christian and be a liberal/leftist/progressive/cultural Marxist.  The latter cult has succeeded in infiltrating mainstream Christianity and has in fact corrupted it from within, weakening it almost to the point of extinction. Of course the real faith will not be destroyed but ''official'' Christianity seems sick unto death from cultural Marxism.

I certainly wish Poland well with their efforts to combat this virulent plague of leftist/globalist ideologues in the media. Our country, it would seem, has little hope of overcoming the same plague unless the mainstream (so-called) media go out of business. Instead it seems as though the media, especially through the ''entertainment'' wing of the propaganda effort, are more monolithic and influential than ever.

We won't ever conquer this beast unless the media monopoly on information is broken and crushed, once and for all. And as it seems the controls are being tightened on free speech on the Internet, time is short for us to use what freedom of expression we still possess.

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