"Migrants fear backlash"

Migrants in Germany fear backlash after sex assaults

Don't these media hacks feel any shame about running this headline every few days, and every time some immigrant-generated violence happens?  At long last, do you have no shame, you ''journalists''?

Give it a rest! Think up some new cliche to use in your propaganda barrage.Have you ''journos'' no imagination?

Imagination is the key word here. Has there EVER been a backlash, apart from a few isolated incidents involving lone individuals? I know of no backlash, not in the many years that the West has been dealing with terror attacks and other random violence by immigrants, Mohammedan or otherwise. The recent incidents involving burning refugee centers (empty ones, mostly) have not resulted in any harm to the ''refugees''.

If these poor frightened "refugees'' quoted in the many articles even exist, if the journalists didn't just invent them out of whole cloth (which has been known to happen; journalists do write fictitious stories about made-up people) then I am not buying the ''fear'' part of it. Obviously they are NOT afraid of anything or anyone, except perhaps each other, as they seem to be attacking each other as much as the native people of Europe. If they were afraid they would not stay. Yet they are there, and they are still coming. There is no ''fear".

If I were in a foreign country where I feared for my life I would leave. Isn't that supposedly why the ''migrants'' are in Europe, because the poor babies fear for their lives in their rightful homelands? And if they were afraid they would be keeping a very low profile, going out of their way to be polite and deferential to their too-tolerant host people, avoiding getting in trouble with the authorities. Instead there have been numerous reports of these people creating rows over everything from the food they are given (it's not good enough; it's not the kind of food they like, etc.) to their accommodations, which are not posh enough or not in a ''good area''. They are never caught being grateful for even being allowed into Europe; they deem it their right. The chip on their shoulders and their sense of entitlement are their distinguishing characteristics.

Not ''fear." They are the very opposite of fearful; they are brazen, loud, arrogant, and overbearing.

No, they are not afraid. They are trying to instill fear in others, in the people of their host countries, and succeeding in too many cases.

I am sick and fed up with these media lackeys, most of whom are immigrants or ''diversities'' themselves, writing these lies again and again. They don't deserve to be treated seriously. These stories should be derided and jeered at whenever they appear. The people who 'write' these stories are doing cut-and-paste jobs, working off a script which they use as a template again and again. The fact that they can keep up these embarrassing and maddening falsehoods should make them ashamed of their pathetic livelihood. Imagine having to get up and go to work and lie for a living, and what's worse, to tell lies that have misled and manipulated so many people, and lies which have helped create and maintain this intolerable state of affairs, this slow-motion invasion by barbarians which has resulted and will result in great harm, physical and psychic and emotional harm, being inflicted on many innocent Europeans. The responsibility for any harm or violence that occurs is squarely on the heads of these lie merchants and their bosses.

What's needed is a total boycott of the so-called ''mainstream media'', both the 'dead tree' variety as well as TV news and 'entertainment.' Why pay for something that is contributing so greatly to our demise, and the destruction of our civilization? What's imperative is that the people stop taking the poison that is the ''mainstream media." We've not only got to stop help propping up the Edifice of Lies, but we need to use every possible means and opportunity to pull the tottering propaganda edifice down.