Feigned shock and outrage from German authorities

You've all read, no doubt, about the mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve in Germany. When even the 'mainstream' controlled media feel compelled to report it, it must be bad, given the media's determination to conceal or minimize any events which put the ''refugees'' or any immigrants in a bad light.

But some things can't be swept under the rug, and given the numbers of people involved and the very public location, this is one of those things that they can't hide. But the predictable and disgusting response from those in authority follows:

"German leaders expressed shock over dozens of apparently coordinated sexual assaults against women on New Year's Eve in the western city of Cologne blamed on "Arab-looking men," but warned against anti-migrant scapegoating."

Got it. The playbook dictates that crimes committed by immigrants/"refugees" may be bad, but having negative thoughts about the blameless immigrants is far, far worse. That's how the leftist/anti-White 'mind' works.

 Is it scapegoating when the perpetrators are ''migrants'', are obviously ''Arab-looking", and when many people witnessed or were actual victims? Scapegoating involves fixing blame on an innocent person. A scapegoat is

1. a person made to bear the blame for others

The perpetrators did their barbaric deeds in public, in open view of many people. There are no ''scapegoats'' in this story. The authorities in Germany are acting as enablers for the lawbreaking, raping 'migrants', or worse, seem to see their role as advocates, defense attorneys as it were, for the aliens. Is this not crazy and downright wrong? I say it is. It amounts to treason, as elected officials in an alleged 'representative' form of government are sworn to uphold the laws of the land and to act on behalf of, and in the interests of, the native population, their own folk, those of their blood and heritage. Instead, these miscreants are openly aligning themselves with the invaders and whitewashing their crimes. They are aiding and abetting, being complicit. They are accessories after the fact. They are harboring criminals and helping them to elude justice.

 Frau Merkel, or should I say Comrade Merkel, is greatly to blame in this, but the fact is she is probably doing the bidding of others behind the scenes; the 'elected' leaders in most Western countries seem to be just errand boys and girls, carrying out orders from globalist interests who transcend national borders, people who in fact want to destroy the very idea of nations, specifically ethnostates, and to bring about this ''borderless'' global village they allude to. It's very fitting that the symbol of the EU resembles the Biblical Tower of Babel, and that they use the image of Europa riding a beast -- again, mirroring the images in Revelation.

It's hard not to notice that so many European 'leaders' are females: Merkel, and the Mayor of Cologne, who is mentioned in the article. I believe that the role played by women in high public office has been one of the enabling factors in this destruction of our borders and our national integrity. Women are not equipped for leadership roles in nations; it's a shame that the male politicians in Western countries seem to be eunuchs rather than the strong male leaders who once served as our officials.  The Islamic world, of course, does not respect women in general, and has apparent contempt for the weak and emotional women who seem to rule in Western society. The fact that we elect weak females to lead us, and now propose to put women in the front lines of the military, makes us contemptible in the eyes of the Islamic world.

These female leaders express shock at the mass sexual assaults on New Year's Eve; the fact that they are 'shocked', if in fact they are truly surprised, indicates unforgivable, criminal ignorance on their part. Anyone who is halfway informed about events in the world knows that these things were absolutely predictable and 100 percent avoidable. There is no excuse for women in 'leadership' roles to be so abysmally uninformed about the nature of Islam and the behavior of Mohammedan men towards 'infidel' women, whom they notoriously regard as 'whores' and 'sluts'. And yet, clueless feminists parade their loose morals in their 'Slut Walk' events, wherein they claim it is their right to be 'sluts'. They, too, only add fuel to the situation. And the women who were victims on New Year's Eve have my sympathy, though they will lose it if they start the refrain about how they ''forgive'' the men who assaulted them, or if they continue in their misguided and perverse 'welcome' attitude towards these invaders. If, in spite of what happened, they still identify with those who assaulted them, then I am tempted to say they deserve future mistreatment -- but as a Christian I should just say God help them.

Did all these women not hear of what happened to the reporter Lara Logan when she was in Egypt a few years ago:

Things quickly spiraled out of control. "I think my shirt, my sweater was torn off completely," she said. "My shirt was around my neck. I felt the moment that my bra tore. ... And I felt them tear out, they literally just tore my pants to shreds. ... I didn't even know that they were beating me with flagpoles and sticks and things, because I couldn't even feel that. Because I think of the sexual assault, was all I could feel, was their hands raping me over and over and over again. ... They were tearing my body in every direction at this point, tearing my muscles. And they were trying to tear off chunks of my scalp, they had my head in different directions."
Logan said she was fighting for 25 minutes and didn't think she would live. "I was in no doubt in my mind that I was in the process of dying," she said."

Still, even after Logan's experience, she could only think of it as a problem with 'female journalists being assaulted.', rather than as something to do with the barbarity and virulence of the 'religion of peace' and its hatred for infidels.

There are so many in the West who seem to have some deep, desperate need, some hunger, to be able to feel sympathy and friendship for people who have not a shred of sympathy or fellow-feeling for them. It's almost as though European peoples everywhere are under some kind of malevolent spell. It seems so crazy and so inexplicable by any rational standards that one almost feels the need for some kind of supernatural explanation for it.

How to break that 'spell' is the pressing question of our time. Will events like those on New Year's Eve help break that delusion? I can only hope against hope that they will.

Note: Further details on the attacks in this article from the New Observer Online.

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