Jeff Sessions stands alone

Most of the other Republicans (including the mainstream Republicans' darlling, Ted Cruz) lined up on the opposite side from Jeff Sessions when it came to voting on Sessions' proposal to limit legal immigration.

Alabama should be proud of Jeff Sessions. Texas' Congressmen seem sold out to ''multiculti Texas'' and the modern myth that Hispanics ''fought right alongside us at the Alamo'' and other such twaddle.

It's rather disheartening to see the way the Cruz cult followers defend his contradictory statements on immigration. It's clear that he has supported increasing legal immigration, despite his trying to 'crawfish' and say he hasn't done so, or using legalese evasions about whether he would support more legal immigration.

Legal, illegal, except for the paperwork, it's all the same. It all changes our country. Legal, illegal, that's all a distraction. Whoever thought up the strategy of convincing people that ''legal is good, it's only the illegal kind that's bad'' was diabolically clever. Lo, these many years later the Republicans parrot the same nonsense, thinking they're being patriotic and yet fair-minded towards the ''hardworking immigrants who just want a better life, and who play by the rules'', etc.

I honestly despair of these people. They just can't get it through their thick heads. Nothing penetrates through the propaganda. The lights are on but nobody's home. In their way, they are as bad as the useful idiots on the real left.

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