Cruz and Paul react to Trump's positions

 Breitbart News tells us:

"Presidential Candidates Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY) are demanding a halt to immigration from Muslim [sic] nations with jihadist movements."

While it's good that Cruz and Paul are saying these things, talk is cheap. And no matter what the supporters of Cruz and Rand Paul say, these men are simply trying to compete, offering a ''me-too'' to Trump's calls for similar curbs. Were they so hard-line before Trump emerged as a candidate, and has made a good showing in the polls? I think both men supported and still support increasing H-1B visas, for one thing.

As I recall, Rand Paul made tougher statements on ''conservative'' issues when first running for office, then began to sound like a ''compassionate conservative'' a la George W. Bush:

"Are there many in the Latino community who go to church, believe in tradition values, are conservative? Yes. Maybe half, maybe 60 percent . . . there’s enormous upside potential . . . but you got to get the door ajar.”

One way to open that “door” to the Hispanic community, he said, is to offer reassurances that “Mrs. Garcia’s nephew is not going to be sent home to Mexico.”

 Don't fall for his statements; I find his recent ''getting religion'' on border controls less than convincing.

Cruz? I've said my piece about him more than once; I believe his Hispanic surname surely helped elect him in Texas, where the Hispanic population will soon exceed that of 'Anglo' Texans. And the fact is, Cruz is an immigrant himself, as is his Cuban father. Contrary to what many Republicans say, Cubans tend to side with other Hispanics when it comes to immigration, almost to a man. White Cubans included; even Rubio seems White as do most other Cuban Republicns but they vote with their other Latino linguistic brethren.

Maybe I've become too cynical about career politicians, as many Americans have. But I think they are just emulating Trump's rhetoric in hopes of winning the nativist/patriot voter, the people who are finding Trump the candidate who most represents their views.

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