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A number of people called this incident for what it was -- yet another ''hate hoax'' or fake hate crime. How many of these things have to be shown up as hoaxes before the media stops automatically blaming the majority population? The media and the powers-that-be have this agenda, this narrative, which insists, in the face of so much evidence, of presuming the majority (White, Christian) of being the guilty party. The truth is that it's been increasingly evident lately that many such ''hate crimes" are smear jobs on the majority, perpetrated (or just alleged) by the purported ''victim."

From the ABC13 article linked above:

"We view arson as a violent crime," said the ATF's Special Agent In Charge in Houston, Robert Elder. " It is a crime that is not only an attack on a building. It's an attack on the community."

Yes, it's an attack on 'the community', but an attack on which community? The majority White Christian heterosexual community. Most, if not all, ''hate crime'' claims are made by people who are not part of that majority, and by making known false charges or by committing some act of vandalism or making bogus threats, they not only tie up law enforcement resources, money and manpower, and lie to law enforcement, but they are in effect slandering and damaging the good name of the law-abiding majority. Even many White Christian straight people have been fooled by the media hype about the epidemic of  ''hate crimes'' perpetrated by bigots against some persecuted 'victim' group, and have begun to believe that the group of people to which they belong are in fact guilty, and that the poor 'victim' groups are truly under siege and in danger. But how many actual ''hate crimes'' happen, in which it is proven that it happened according to the politically correct narrative, with some White, Christian, hetero ''bigot'' harming some innocent Other? Conversely, how many hate crimes perpetrated by the sainted Others against the majority population go unsolved, or unpunished, and not even classed as a Hate Crime? Because, after all, hate crimes are only those that are committed against certain protected groups of people, and everybody has been taught that there is this rumored ''White Privilege'' which shields Whites from all bad experiences. Whites can only be victimizers, never victims. Because White Privilege.

The news article claims, with no sense of irony, that the Mohammedan 'community' is baffled as to any possible motive for the faked 'hate crime.'

"We're really concerned about what could have, what is his issue?" asked Mustafa Carroll with the Council on American-Islamic Relations. "What could have caused him to do something like this?"

Really? Honestly? It's not hard to guess. The desire is to reinforce the idea that Mohammedans are these poor, persecuted but blameless people who are under attack by evil bigots, who hate them for no discernible reason. It's the same motive as in most 'hate crimes' committed by the pretended victims. The exalted status of  ''victims'' in our warped 21st century America makes it very attractive to some people to play the victim, even to the point of self-inflicted 'injuries' as in the notorious Tawana Brawley case. Either the person is an attention-seeker or drama queen needing to be 'famous' for a few minutes, and to obtain sympathy and fawning attention from the press and the lefties, or they have a political agenda, and it generally involves slandering the majority population. The slander involves labeling them as ignorant, dangerous, violent 'haters' who roam around looking to harm people who are 'different' from themselves.

The Moslems have a whole industry built around protecting their ''rights'' as with militant propagandists like CAIR and their useful idiot lefty fellow-travellers. They make hay out of feigning fear of the majority population. How many times, after a terror attack, have you seen the old ''Local Muslim Community Fears Backlash" headline hauled out? How many times has your local TV news station run to the local mosque or the local ''community leaders'' to ask them how threatened they feel after some Islamic terror action? The claim to being a put-upon, threatened, underdog ''community'' has gained a lot of public sympathy for Moslems. The same tactics are used by the homosexual activists; they are also 'crybullies' who claim to be in danger while they freely harass straight people who have dared to resist their agenda. Oftentimes they use the judicial system as their attack dogs, as in the case of the gay couple who won over $100,000 in 'damages' from a Christian couple who refused to bake them a 'wedding' cake.  This is all done as a conscious effort to beat down resistance. It works for every 'victim' group out there, because they have the media and the System on their side.

So I expect no lessons will be learned, no matter how many times these 'hate crimes' turn out to be perpetrated by the supposed 'victim', or how often the allegations made turn out to be 100 percent false, as in the case of Crystal Mangum. And how often do we hear that the perpetrators of these falsehoods are called to account? Almost never.

There is a 'community' under attack. It's the majority community, and our good names have been slandered and libelled at every turn, with scarcely an objection being raised. How long will this be tolerated and abetted by the media and their puppet-masters, those in authority?

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