PC Brigade repudiates Lovecraft

Writer L. Sprague DeCamp was a friend of H.P. Lovecraft, the noted writer of 'weird' fiction, and in his 1975 biography of Lovecraft, DeCamp wrote of the growing power of those we call 'cultural Marxists' and their baleful influence on Science and the quest for truth. He noted how Lovecraft's ideas and opinions were becoming anathema to these intolerant apostles of tolerance:

"Now the pendulum has swung the other way, largely under the influence of Marxism, which for political, non-scientific reasons is dogmatically egalitarian and environmentalist. A scientist who tries to find out whether the races do in fact differ in ability is persecuted. He gets anonymous threats and is howled down when he lectures. The howlers may be ethnics who fear that his tests may make them look bad or Marxists to whom the absolute equality of races is an article of faith."

 Here we are, 40 years after those words were written, and things are even worse for scientists who dare to note facts that do not fit leftist dogma. Think James Watson and his being forced to apologize a few years ago for his politically incorrect, verboten remarks on race and intelligence. A Nobel Prize winning scientist, a trailblazer, forced to genuflect to people who fear that Watson's viewss ''may make them look bad.'

Now, in 2015, in the world of Fantasy writers, the Lefties who hand out something called the 'World Fantasy Award, in a recent hissy fit, decided to stop awarding a bust of H.P. Lovecraft to the 'winner.' It seems Lovecraft's views make some of those involved in that world 'look bad'' so Lovecraft is being drummed out of their prestigious little circle.

I feel confident that HPL would be pleased to know that his name and likeness (and a bad likeness it is, too) would no longer be associated with this award, its donors, or its recipients, none of whom probably share anything in common with him or his art.

The art of the 'written word' has long since come under the domination of cultural Marxism, and the books being published now, for the most part, must be politically correct and written by 'underrepresented minorities' or other worthy Victims: women (oops, I mean womyn), racial/ethnic/"gender" minorities or their devoted apologists. That means that a couple of thousand such self-designated 'Victims' and mindless PC cultists got up a petition to ditch H.P. Lovecraft because he was such a horrible bigot/racist/fascist/anti-Semite/sexist/evil White devil.

Why not give him the Cromwell treatment and exhume his remains to hang him in effigy?

Can you tell this makes me irate?
Howard Phillips Lovecraft was a gifted writer. Although he is now being raked over the coals by the PC coven, he was not a petty, malicious, envy-driven human being as is the case with most of the mad-dog leftists today, and I don't think he could ever have envisioned such people becoming such a dominant force in his beloved Western society. The PC crowd makes the Salem Witch-hunters look like amateurs by comparison. The PC crowd are in fact the modern equivalent of the witch-smellers of the olden times, but less reasonable.

Lovecraft, whatever his views on race and ethnicity, was not known to mistreat anyone of other races. He held views that were majority, mainstream views for his time, and anyone who says differently will have to prove that. There are ample proofs to be found among old books and newspapers that show that most Americans held views not unlike Lovecraft's. Do morals change? Does the truth change, more importantly?

Lovecraft's views were either accurate and true to what the scientific facts show, or they were not. The fact that "science'', falsely so-called, today refuses to acknowledge or even hear views which don't fit their narrow and fanciful worldview does not negate facts. If his beliefs about the ultimate inequality of human beings are false, then refute them. The left can't do this without extreme dishonesty, and usually they don't try, preferring instead to shout down those who hold to the truth, and call them names like ''racist''. In DeCamp's words, they ''howl down'' those who speak unpleasant or unflattering truths. The ''howlers'' have the podium; they have a grip on the media, on academia, on the ''literary'' world, and they won't stand for honesty. It might hurt some Victim Group's feelings, or damage their fragile ''self-esteem."

Just as G.W.F. Hegel is quoted as saying when someone said his views did not line up with the truth: "So much the worse for the truth."

Lovecraft's views did not amount to ''hate'', whatever that may mean in today's confused and dishonest world. His views amounted to simple realism: they were based on knowledge of the real world and of history and of human nature. Lovecraft was an erudite man who could reason rings around most 21st century people. Whatever he was, he was not ''ignorant''. The left chooses to remain in a state of willful ignorance lest their delusions be challenged.

The fact that most 21st century Westerners have been weaned on politically correct lies and on distorted, falsified ''history'' means that today's people are not realists; they have been kept from knowing real history or facts about Human Biodiversity. ''We are all the same, all one race, the human race, we all bleed red, all men (and Womyn) are absolutely equal, no difference...''  Their mantras are on an endless loop, repeating and repeating, mindlessly.

Lovecraft's stories often ended starkly with his protagonists in a state of abject horror at discovering some hideous truths. Leftists seem afraid of finding out that the world is really more as Lovecraft perceived it than their world of fragile lies. That is the ''horror'' they fear: that we are not all alike, let alone all 'equal' and interchangeable.

If Lovecraft were to come back to life in 21st century America, I think he would be aghast at the state of delusion under which his country and his civilization exists. I think the PC vigilantes of the type who are trying to drum him out of 'respectable' Science Fiction/Fantasy would horrify him far more than any of the monsters he wrote of.

HPL - you were lucky to live and die when you did; you didn't have to see your beloved Anglo-America destroyed by envious 'Victims' or the PC witch-hunters baying after the few truth-tellers.

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