Paris terror

France's President Hollande, in a speech about Friday's terror attacks in Paris, promises that France will be ''pitiless'' in responding to the murders.

“To all those who have seen these awful things, I want to say we are going to lead a war which will be pitiless,” French president Francois Hollande said early Saturday morning after surveying a French theatre in which dozens of concertgoers were murdered by terrorists."

I hope to be proven wrong, but I have serious doubts as to whether he means what he says. Or maybe he does mean that the response will be ''pitiless'' -- that they won't be moved by pity for the dead who were killed in these attacks, or their grieving survivors. Or maybe he means that they will be pitiless towards the French people, the real French people. European governments and our ''own" government have not shown much pity for their native, indigenous citizens, while they instead lean over backwards not to alienate or otherwise offend Moslems or whichever minority group is creating havoc amongst us. Remember what happened at Fort Hood, Texas a while back, in which a Moslem military psychiatrist (!) started shooting unarmed soldiers, killing 13? A General Casey had the temerity and the gall to stand up and say

"Our diversity not only in our Army, but in our country, is a strength. And as horrific as this tragedy was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, I think that’s worse."

And this sums up the beliefs of those who are running things all over what was once Christendom. Diversity must be preserved at all costs, even if innocent people, specifically White Christian people, must die at the hands of ''diversity."

After 9/11, when George Bush addressed the nation, I expected him to close the borders. Silly me. He did nothing of the kind. Ever afterward he took every opportunity to tell us the whopping lie that ''Islam is a religion of peace." How anybody can say that in public without being laughed to scorn and jeered is beyond me. And I remember that after every terror attack since, we were warned by our ''leaders'' that we must not blame innocent Moslems; after all they can't be blamed for the deeds of a fanatical few. And then in the Iraq war we were told that we were not at war with Iraq or any country, just against ''terror''. No nation or religion or group or individual was to blame, or at least nobody was to be held accountable, really, except a shadowy group called 'Al Qaeda' or 'Islamists' or 'radical Islam'. How can we make war against shadowy, anonymous people? How can we blame a religion of peace for extremist acts carried out by a few rogue fanatics who misinterpret their 'peaceful' religion?

So, at all costs, borders had to be kept wide open, and in fact Moslem immigration increased greatly after 9/11. Insane. And it's even more insane in 2015, after so many other attacks in the intervening years.

I hope I can be forgiven for being cynical about Hollande's tough words, in light of the history of Western 'leaders' talking tough and doing nothing, in fact, doing worse than nothing. Not only have they closed no borders (except for the Eastern Europeans) but they are even now, as I write this, furiously importing more 'refugees' into various European countries. Britain (including England and Scotland) are now being ''enriched'' with tens of thousands of these innocent seekers of a 'better life.' And in Louisiana, where 10,000 or so have arrived, and I've heard that some smaller towns in that state are now being seeded with Syrians. And of course we all know they are not dangerous because, well, we just know.

Now, supposedly Hollande has 'closed the borders' but reports from various sources say the borders are not closed, except for exiting the country.

There are also reports, disputed by some, that the refugee camp at Calais, the jumping-off point for the 'refugees' targeting Britain, is afire, and that the fires were supposedly set by irate French men. Some doubt the reports because they believe the French to be cowardly and supine.

But are they? It remains to be seen. Some say the French have a martial spirit that may yet awaken. I continue to hope that is true for all of Europe. Unlike some cynical 'conservatives' I don't take any perverse pleasure in seeing Europe burn, or turn Islamic. I want all of Europe to stand up and preserve the European people, the indigenous, rightful Europeans -- not those who come to feast off the remains of a once-great continent. I believe their fate is intertwined with ours by blood kinship, and the fact is, we all face the same kind of existential threat. We can't gloat over what is happening, considering that we are not any better off than they are. Some think that we tough Americans with our Second Amendment are in a much stronger position, but are we? We'd better not be too self-congratulatory. We have still to prove that we are our fathers' children, too.

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