To friends and well-wishers

A belated explanation -- and maybe I should offer an apology -- to friends of this blog who may somehow still be out there: if any of you e-mailed me and had your e-mail bounce back, it's because the e-mail account I used to use in connection with this blog was closed due to inactivity. Also, Google deleted a g-mail account because they said I violated the Terms of Service in some unidentified way. I had not used that e-mail in some time so I don't know what I supposedly did.

In any case I did not intend to ignore any e-mails that may have been sent, but if some of you tried contacting me and couldn't, I just wanted to say I was not intentionally ignoring or slighting anyone. I appreciated the e-mail exchanges that I had with some of you. When I get my e-mail situation straightened out, I will possibly e-mail some of you whose addies I have.