Political correctness is on the offensive

Another Columbus Day gone by, amid the usual protests and grievance-fests. I wouldn't be surprised if this  might be the last 'Columbus Day; observance, given the complete intolerance on the part of the PC brigade. Columbus Day will probably become 'Indigenous Peoples Day', as the perpetually aggrieved masses demand.

Or perhaps it will the El Dia de la Raza, as HBD Chick says.

And now, the "Social Justice Warriors' and their clients and mascots are feeling their oats over the recent victories in the disputes over the Confederate Battle Flag. The church shootings recently constituted an opportunity for the PC crowd; it seemed almost made to order, both for the anti-Second Amendment agitators, and for the anti-Confederate anti-Whites. Now it seems they are going from strength to strength, as the number of unreconstructed Southrons seems to dwindle day to day. Where are the defenders of the Battle Flag? As of now, I don't know of any blogs who champion the Southron cause unequivocally. The 'Rainbow Confederates' are running scared, afraid of being called bigots and racists, and bend over backwards to be 'inclusive' and to prove their innocence of the thought-crime called 'racism.' Some bloggers have said the Rainbow Confederates have had an epiphany, but where's the evidence? Who is speaking up? Who is championing the cause of our heritage, our history, our forefathers? Does anyone care?

I am losing my faith in the people of the South; as the older generations pass on, the younger generations, who in general are much more liberal and uninformed about history than their elder, are not interested for the most part in carrying on traditions and honouring our past. The past has got to be jettisoned, say some; we need new symbols, created out of whole cloth, symbols with no 'baggage', symbols that might help us dodge the accusations of 'hate' and 'bigotry.' But is this the answer? I say an unequivocal 'no.'

If creating new symbols, a new flag for example, enables us to dodge the stigma that has been attached to our historical flags, it is because a new flag has no meaning, no history behind it. Such invented symbols, then, lack anything to inspire Southron folk. They have no historical associations, no content, no sentimental meaning, nothing to connect us with the generations of great men and women who went before us.

Certain people on the ethnopatriot side also want to jettison Christianity and adopt some fabricated religion as a means to an end. But one can't invent a religion just out of thin air. (L. Ron Hubbard did that, and the result was Scientology.) A religion has to be based on Truth, and can't be cooked up as from a recipe book.
People will not sacrifice themselves in the cause of something that was concocted yesterday.

The crowning humiliation for the South is the malicious idea of topping Stone Mountain in Georgia with a monument to MLK. This is brazen triumphalism, meant to plant a metaphorical foot on the neck of traditional Southron people. It's a way of spitting on our ancestors, especially considering that the mountain has a monument to the Confederacy, featuring the great General Robert E. Lee.

Now the much-repeated 'I Have a Dream' speech will be featured on the new monument. MLK is now something of a deified figure, above criticism and reproach, while our Confederate ancestors and kinsmen are vilified and their monuments pulled down, along with the Confederate Battle Flag. Soon they will be non-persons, their names and images erased from public view, or else their corpses will be metaphorically dragged out of their graves so that they can be condemned over and over again. Victimhood demands villains to be spat upon; many White people don't yet understand (will they ever?) that the perpetual pity party of the 'Victims' requires villains to be ritualistically spat upon. This is what's happening now, with the media whipping the Professional Victim groups into a frenzy over supposed past wrongs, alleged wrongs which were never suffered by anybody today, nor perpetrated by anybody who is alive today. But that doesn't matter; you and I, kinsmen, are the villains, the oppressors. So say the mobs protesting Columbus Day and the Battle Flag and the Confederate Monuments. We have sinned, through our ancestors; a price is being exacted. Where and when will it end?

And yet we have our White Judases, happy to side with those accusing them and their forebears. None of this would be happening without the collusion of the Social Justice Warriors of the left, and the politically correct lickspittles on the ''right'', and I mean the GOP faithful, and many of the Free Republic MLK fan club, and the people who make up the so-called 'New South', eager to bury the Old South.

White people who turn on their kinsmen and who dishonor their own forefathers are a disgrace; I despair of their ever seeing the light -- especially those of the class of people called 'journalists'. Without our renegade media, the left and their minority mascots would not be doing their little triumphalist victory dance on the grave of those great Confederate gentlemen now.

Next, someday soon,  will be the blasting of the images of General Lee and his soldiers off the Mountain.
Shame. Shame on all those connected with this. But such people are impervious to shame.