An encouraging sign

It looks as though there are some signs of life in the South, where the Flag is concerned.
I am somewhat surprised that Virginia is the scene of these efforts to preserve the Confederate Battle Flag. I say that because it seems that Virginia has been targeted especially for demographic transformation, what with many immigrants from Asia and elsewhere settling (or being settled) in that state. And let's not forget the effect of having many Northern newcomers who are at best, indifferent to Southern history and heritage, if not downright hostile.

To get an idea of the political situation in the Old Dominion, just consider the fact that the governor is Terry McAuliffe, popularly known by some as Terry McAwful, from his Clinton-minion days. How did that happen? Is Virginia that liberal? Evidently so.

Nevertheless, we have to take our encouragement where we find it. Kudos to the flaggers. I hope they don't yield to the temptation to apologize for the Flag, ever. It's the flag of our fathers. It represents our heritage and our history, and history is not something that can be erased or altered for political reasons. Nor can it be cast into the memory hole by the arbitrary dictates of one man or a few ideologues with politically correct agendas.