Enough apologies

I don't know who this woman is; I gather she is an actress, and this Redbook statement of hers has gotten her into trouble with the totalitarians who police the media for thought-crimes. Her 'crime' is to say that she enjoys serving her husband and doing domestic things. And this is enough to have the the PC vigilantes hunting her down, demanding apologies?

And to make things worse, she obliged them. How is it that nobody will stand behind what they say anymore? Why do people who say politically incorrect things simply crumble at the slightest complaint or the first demand from the PC mobs? This is what gives them the power they wield: this willingness to give in easily on the part of anyone who dares speak out of turn.

This young woman's apology is like so many politically-corrected statements: a waffling statement that denies the intent of the original 'offensive' statement, and an appeasing tone meant to invoke some mercy from one's accusers. For once, I'd love to see someone stand by their original statement and refuse to bow down and ask for mercy.

P.G. Wodehouse is quoted as having said  

"It is a good rule in life never to apologize. The right sort of people do not want apologies, and the wrong sort take a mean advantage of them."

Yes, the politically correct crowd, in this case feminists, are taking a mean advantage of all the apologies being offered up by their intimidated targets. Let's stop giving that kind of power over to the PC thought-police. They have far too much power over the rest of us already -- power which we've allowed them. We far outnumber them, and our voices surely can drown theirs out if we simply united to denounce this kind of badgering and bullying.