The 's' word -- again

Well, it isn't exactly 'secession' that's being mentioned in this case, but the break-up of the Union, and the source is Pravda, no less.

Actually, a Russian professor, back in '08 I think, was predicting the breakup of the USA into several sections, and at that time most Americans were very wary if not hostile to the idea, but now Pravda is writing about carving out part of our country for blacks. Now, if an American, especially a conservative one, proposed that, a great howling would be heard from the Left, and accusations of 'racism', 'apartheid' and all the rest of the weapon-words would follow.

From the Pravda piece:

The recent riots in Ferguson, MO, prove conclusively that there is no way for there to be equality between the races because of this DNA difference. White America must face the fact that America, no matter how difficult or disliked, must give Black Americans land on which to establish their own “Palestine”, or Civil War will soon overcome this nation of Freedom.

Leaving the merits of this idea aside for the moment, it's interesting to note that the Russians are putting this idea out there, and not for the first time. Professor Igor Panarin, in that story from 2008, even suggested that Russia might just re-claim Alaska from us. Wouldn't they just love to do that. Was Panarin 'predicting' or was he dropping hints on possible plans on the part of the Russian powers-that-be? Are they trying these ideas out to see what reaction they get from our side? Or to try to implant that idea in the minds of the public here?

Over the last several years, a number of ethnonationalists have been recommending Russia Today (RT) as a good source of news, especially on subjects which are censored for politically correct reasons in the 'free' West. I was willing to give RT a try, and for a while, added it to my Roku channel list. I quickly found that yes, RT does cover some stories that our PC gatekeepers won't touch, but it's glaringly obvious that RT is anti-American, and pro-left. The news-readers and 'pundits' on RT are often expatriates from New York or elsewhere in the Western countries, and some of them are obviously progressives who choose to live elsewhere because they find the US not 'progressive' enough for them. The old cold war sympathies haven't disappeared.

But would a break-up of the USA work? When we discussed (my then-commenters and I) the idea of secession or break-up back in '08 and after, the consensus was that it was not a good idea, or that while it may be a good idea, it could never, ever, be done, so we should stop even thinking of it. I don't know if popular opinion has shifted substantially. I suspect that even in much of the South, few would think it possible, or desirable. I wonder if recent events, which should convince the blindest among us that our country is already divided in spirit, would work a change in the minds of some skeptics?

The writers at Pravda, with their bias on display, tell us that we must make a homeland for blacks, implying that we owe them as much because of past 'sins.' This should tell those conservatives who admire Putin and Russia that the Russians haven't changed much when it comes to racial questions since the old days, when they found a great deal of anti-American propaganda fodder in our racial conflicts.  They bragged of their own successful multicultural empire, proud of their 'diversity'. They bragged of their 'Lumumba University' which invited African students to Moscow -- to indoctrinate them, of course, in Communism, and to train them for revolution in their homelands.

We see Pravda here trying to make hay from the Ferguson riots, and telling a biased version of the events that led to the riots. The writer's name is an Arab name; Russia is still a multicult empire, not an ethno-state as some wish.

Russia may be up to their old tricks, or perhaps they never abandoned those ways. But they might, just by accident, provoke some discussion of certain questions relating to our country.