Merry Christmas 2014

...A new wind rises out of the hills
of America, and it sings of new beginnings.
We do not need new keys that open
to new worlds,
but old keys, making turns in
old familiar locks such as enduring
honesty, integrity, deep silences, and roots
of faith and hope and love.
Old keys, trusted and tried, that always open
to a world of new beginnings.

Oh, let a new wind rise
out of the hills of America---
now, at Christmas,
and as the old year turns.

-Melva Rorem

I posted the above poem in entirety on a past Christmas Eve, on the old blog. I don't post it in full now because much of it was written in a tone which seems to ring hollow in our present dire straits. But the last part, which is above, still holds true in 'this present darkness'.

It's much harder to maintain hope and optimism in this year of 2014. But we can hope and pray that 2015 will bring something better.

Meantime, I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to come.