Whither America, in 2014?

I started blogging back in 2006 amid talk of amnesty for the millions of illegal aliens, and the question which was obvious back then was 'what is an American, in this day of  mass movement of peoples to our country? If anyone can be an American just by being on our territory, then is there such a thing as an 'American', or is it an obsolete term?

Today, with the amnesty becoming fact, and more 'teeming millions' on our soil, many of us now say it's too late for America; America is an obsolete idea, and in fact, as America was only ever an 'idea', an abstraction, a proposition nation, then there is no longer any distinct creature called an American.

Be that as it may, we are still here, we of the 'old America', the one now declared obsolete. What are we then? What does it mean to be children of the 'old America'? Are we people without a country? Aliens in our own birthright country? Obsolescent and displaced people?

If it's too late for America and for us, then this blog will be useless. But being the stubborn optimist that I am, I hope to discuss all this and much more, if there is anyone there to read this blog.